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PlayphonePlayPhone, a leader in mobile technology innovation, was the first to distribute direct-to-consumer mobile games in North America. PlayPhone’s mobile social gaming solution powered mobile content distribution portals for the world’s top brands, helping developers partner with global carriers to distribute and monetize games to over 1.5 billion users.

PlayPhone’s new social gaming network is an advanced cross-platform, multiplayer gaming network that connects global smartphone and tablet gamers to a rich social gaming experience. The SDK supports iOS, Android, and HTML5, and provides game developers a single solution to easily distribute and monetize games globally.  The comprehensive tool set provides access to massive global distribution, advanced social network integration, a single billing API for multiple billing solutions including one-click carrier billing, virtual economy management tools, real-time analytics and a direct link to major gaming portals from global carriers. Developers can integrate their games in a few hours and choose which features they want to add to their games, making PlayPhone the most developer-friendly mobile gaming platform live today. Developers can visit PlayPhone’s Developer Portal to sign-up and download the SDK.