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mahalaThe Mahala Community Trading Platform is a single, secure payment platform for allconsumers who own a mobile phone. The Mahala solution consists of a mobile application that may be downloaded to the customer’s handset with correspondingpoint-of-sale software for retailers ande-merchants.

Mahala is targeted at both banked andunbanked consumers, is NFC-enabled andworks offline (when mobile network coverageis down). Mahala customers can use the platform bothat retail point-of-sale and online, as well asto pay bills and make peer-to-peer moneytransfers.

Mahala offers unique benefits toparticipants in every sector – including secure PIN authentication for card-issuers and theircustomers, and targeted advertising andinventory analytics for merchants. Mahala is safer, easier to use and less expensivethan any existing payment method.

As a free alternative to Visa, PayPal andMasterCard, Mahala allows zero-costinterchange between different paymentsystems and is therefore positioned as a globalpayment standard for the mobile phone era. Mahala means ‘free’ in South Africa.