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magplusMag+ is a complete digital publishing ecosystem comprising a plug-in tool for InDesign, a powerful web-based backend, and white-labeled reader apps for iOS and Android devices. It gives users the fastest, simplest publishing platform to create content optimized for the devices they are delivering it on, without the need for programming skills. Mag+ premiered on the first iPad in April 2010 with the award-winning Popular Science+. Publishers and creatives have now built around 800 apps, spanning Mad Magazine, Hemispheres (United Airlines), Toyota, WebMD, Outside, Marie Claire and IDG.

Alongside its streamlined production system, powerful backend and feature-rich design framework, Mag+ also offers consultancy and creative services via Mag+ Studios. A new iOS SDK allows opens our code up to customers who want to create fully customized apps.

From publishers to catalogue marketers, design agencies and app developers, Mag+ is ideal for anyone wanting to bring beautiful, immersive content to the millions using this new generation of digital devices.