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pubnubPubNub is a blazingly fast cloud-hosted messaging service for building real-time web and mobile apps. Hundreds of apps and thousands of developers rely on PubNub for delivering “human-perceptive” real-time experiences that scale to millions of users worldwide. PubNub delivers the infrastructure needed to build amazing MMO games, social apps, business collaborative solutions, and more.

Today, people are beginning to expect their apps to behave more like the real world, with instantaneous feedback. They don’t like to “reload the page”, wait for an occasional refresh, or restart an app just to see whether something new has happened. But the web wasn’t designed like a radio, updates can’t be broadcast “real-time” to every person who’s using an app. Keeping every user up-to-date and synchronized within milliseconds requires a significant software engineering effort. Building a custom real-time communication framework is technically daunting, time consuming and expensive. And it’s even harder to configure and maintain a real-time communication production environment in your data center.