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Developer training: Technical Briefing workshops - The free-to-attend Technical Briefing Track, offers tons of expert advice and practical instruction on many practical and strategic aspects of making a living from building apps in a closed environment. Hearing from some of the leading industry brands, all keen to share their expertise and connect with talented up and coming developer professionals. These sessions aim not only to equip you with the technical skills you need to be successful, but also cover some of the business and strategic issues developers need to be able to negotiate the highly competitive industry.

DAY ONE - February 7


Accelerating a Mass Market for TV Apps and Services through Open Standards and the free to use Open IPTV Forum Specifications


This will explain why such significant time and effort is being invested by leading enterprises, device vendors and network operators, end-to-end of the IPTV value chain, in the development of Open IPTV Forum Specifications. It will also outline the OIPF Certification process and focus on how Apps Developers are benefiting from using OIPF Specs.

Dr Nilo Mitra, President, Open IPTV Forum (OIPF)


Breaking down the walls: How apps can now communicate between platforms, easily


  • Learn how to easily sync data and communications across devices including iOS, Android, BB, Windows Mobile, and Web Browsers
  • Understand the perils of DIY cross-platform communication and how to avoid them
  • See how you could run your app on any screen and all platforms with just a few lines of code

Stephen Blum, CTO and Founder, PubNub




Tips and tricks for building enterprise apps in the cloud


Designing secure, enterprise-grade apps for large scale usage creates daunting challenges for even the most experienced of developers. The Box mobile team will share some of what they've learned while developing apps that are accessed daily by millions of Box users.

Michael Smith, Lead Mobile Product Manager, Box


Everything you need to know to get started developing for Windows and Windows Phone


Curious what you need to develop for Windows? On and Mac and not sure where to start? Want some tips & tricks and the best resources around? Join Matt Harrington and his colleagues for the essentials!

Matt Harrington, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft


SendGrid Presentation


Swift, Developer Evangelist, SendGrid


Creating 3D games, applications, simulations and visualizations using Unity


Unity Technologies are the creators of Unity, an intuitive and flexible development platform used to make wildly creative and intelligently interactive 3D games, applications, simulations and visualizations for the web, iOS, Android, consoles and more. As the most powerful, accessible, and affordable of 3D development platforms, Unity has fostered a large and thriving community boasting over 1,000,000 registered developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists. Due to aggressive re-investment in their technology, Unity Technologies continues to innovate and lead with award winning 3D development tools.

Carl Callewaert,Unity product evangelist, Unity Technologies


Making Apps More Connected


Now is really a new era with APIs and hosted infrastructure and there are two classes of developers emerging. Those who get this and those that are fighting it. What’s profound about the world is that computing is getting closer and closer to a person.  Apps help us make sense of a complicated and expansive data world in highly contextualized and “bite sized” ways.  The fascinating thing is that this “small data” trail about a person is scattered everywhere. It makes sense in the real world that our actions and thoughts and exchanges today inform our reality and thinking tomorrow. In the data world our digital selves are currently mediated by hundreds and increasing towards thousands of APIs that each think about us (as metadata) differently.

Simon Murtha-Smith, Co-Founder, Singly


Presentation: How to stop losing your mobile customers

  • Why 'customer support' was replaced by the 'customer experience'
  • How to turn customer support into your best sales and retention tool
  • What top-tier mobile apps are doing to retain more customers
  • Suggested best practices by experts from the biggest apps in the world
  • The decisions we made to position ourselves for the future of mobile customer experience
  • Open question/answer session (10 minutes)

Vitaliy Levit, Head of Marketing, Helpshift
Tushar Makhija, Helpshift


Apps are businesses too! - Making technology and business decisions for a successful app business


If you are serious about building a successful businesses around your application, you have several critical decisions to make. The technology you select, whom you partner with to monetize these applications and how you go global are just some of the things that you, as an app business owner, have to grapple with. This session discusses some of these key decision points to help you make optimal decisions for a successful app business.

Phani Pandrangi, Vice President, Products, Kii Corporation

Phani Pandrangi, Vice President, Products, Kii


San Francisco Ruby Meetup Group  (6pm-7pm)

The local Ruby meet up group will be getting together to hear from Stephen Touset about Not Implementing Cryptography

DAY TWO - February 8


Rapid App Development Using A Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service


Take the pain out of application development and deploy in a fraction of the time by utilizing an MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) solution. Teams of all sizes can cut costs, time spent, and headaches by plugging into a scalable and reliable backend. Keep your focus on what really matters: your users and the app experience. This will be a technical overview with some brief code examples showing how MBaaS SDKs can remove any need for server management or backend logic.

Chris Beauchamp, Mobile Engineer and Developer Evangelist, Kii


The Mobile Broadband Evolution


Mobile data speeds, coverage and spectrum issues are major areas of focus in the wireless industry today.  What is the future of the mobile broadband evolution in the U.S. and abroad?  Join the President of 4G Americas to learn what apps providers need to know about the rapidly approaching technologies of tomorrow.

Topics covered will include:  

  • HSPA+, LTE and LTE-Advanced
  • The U.S. spectrum crisis
  • The effect of applications on network resources

Chris Pearson, President, 4G Americas



Growth in Enterprise Apps


Lessons learned from building a freemium service -How Yammer got traction, overcoming IT's objections -Leveraging Yammer's viral distribution in your own app

Drew Dillon, Director of Product Management, Yammer



Best Practices of API Management


We are in the midst of an API revolution.  Countless major enterprises are opening up access to their core information systems, allowing innovative third party developers to build new business opportunities through collaboration and community.  However, this remarkable movement puts pressure on IT to manage APIs. The goal is to ensure optimal business outcomes through APIs without inadvertently creating security and system management problems or running up unsustainable costs.  This presentation addresses this challenge by exploring some proven best practices for API management.

You will learn:
  • How effective management of enterprise APIs actually begins at the design and build stages of the API life cycle.   
  • Planning the API
  • Designing the API
  • Building the API
  • Sharing the API

Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software


Developing your first handwriting input application


  • Using MyScript Web Services, a SaaS based recognition offer, come and see how to add handwriting based input fields to  your mobile application.
  • The basics: Capturing digital ink in a HTML 5 application
  • The recognition process: calling the handwriting, shape or equation recognition engine and how to handle the returned results
  • Polishing it up: adding advanced editing capabilities, Undo/Redo, and more
  • This Session is specifically addressed for mobile application developers that have a basic understanding of HTML 5

Christophe Droulers, Director Product Development, Vision Objects


In app payments in a nutshell

  • Exploring a world of payment options
  • In-app payments, done right
  • Debunking myths about Apple and Google store rules
  • New ways to monetize using in-app payments
  • Q&A: Everything you wanted to know about payments

Oren Levy, Founder & CEO, ZooZ
Ronen Morecki, Founder & CTO, ZooZ


Machine Learning and Computer Vision making Artificial Intelligence a reality


  • How Artificial Intelligence is becoming a reality thanks to Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Software that can see and make sense of the world around us
  • A network of mobile eyes + a big brain in the cloud
  • Connecting the internet of things with Computer Vision

Alessandro Prest, Co-founder and CTO, Nivpat