Meet BlackBerry’s developer relations team at #AppsWorld

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on 8 Feb 2013
Meet BlackBerry’s developer relations team at #AppsWorld

With BB10 now out and available to the general public, and generating upwards of 6 million app downloads a day, company bosses will no doubt be awash with a feeling of relief at having set the wheels in motion for a potentially industry shaking comeback. Developer interest is up, and the current dominant platforms will ignore BlackBerry at their peril.

The BB10 launch, when it came last week, happened with a simultaneous bang in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, New York, Paris and Toronto; and threw up a few surprises as well as expected features. The company unveiled two new smartphones, the Q10, with the BlackBerry trademark QWERTY keyboard; and the Z10, a touchscreen device. Apps World in San Francisco today, 8 Feb, is the perfect opportunity for HTML5 developers to learn more about how they can become BlackBerry App World developers.

“BlackBerry has rightly focused on ensuring that the BlackBerry 10 devices have a large catalogue of content and applications,” commented Ovum analyst Adam Leach following the BB10 launch. “Which is now essential for any modern smartphone, and achieving 70,000 applications at the launch of a new platform is a good start.” But 70,000 apps on launch is no coincidence. The team behind BlackBerry’s developer relations has been furiously hard at work over the last year, giving out over 40,000 free devices and repeatedly circling the globe, succeeding in drumming up developer enthusiasm for this long awaited new platform; read CNET’s excellent account of BB’s Alec Saunders’ [@asaunders] 48 week developer relations odyssey here. Even so, BlackBerry are still keen to recruit new devs and add new apps to their platform, so for every app that’s submitted from the Apps World show, the team will be offering the chance to win one of ten BB10 devices. And with initial user feedback on the new platform broadly positive, developers don’t stand to lose anything by spending as little as ten minutes porting their existing apps over to the new platform. Get prepared: there are a few things you’ll want to have ready before you go to meet the team: Become a BlackBerry App World developer. Request the signature keys. Install the tools and plug-ins. Apps World kicks off again this morning at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, but it’s still not too late to get involved. Get yourself down to the Moscone, or find out how to register for your free developer pass here:

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