How to lose a mobile customer by @NetsizeCorp

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on 29 Jan 2013
How to lose a mobile customer by @NetsizeCorp

Mobile purchases should be simple and secure. You make them on the move, while you’re running between meetings, finishing your presentation, and gobbling up a sandwich. You want things to be simple, fast, and hassle-free, and you don’t want nasty surprises in your bank account at the end of the month.

So if someone is about to make a digital purchase, what’s the best way to lose that customer?

One good way is to create a hassle: make it difficult to complete that purchase. Cause a disruption. Force her to throw away that sandwich so she can fumble in her wallet for her credit-card.

Alternatively: scare her! Tell her that unknown forces or applications are about to enter her bank account and take her money, without her even knowing it happened. Until, of course, it is too late. Currently, that is exactly what many of us are doing. The payment process is disruptive – and scary. No wonder, then, that conversion rates are so low –in the low end of the single-digit percentage range. What if you could change that? What if you could remove the roadblocks, and offer end consumers and potential buyers a way to pay that fits in exactly with their on-the-move rush – and makes them feel secure?

What if you could multiply by 10 the number of people who buy on your mobile Website?

Netsize offers two products designed to remove these roadblocks:

Web App Billing – HTML5 ensures a smooth buying process: you want, you click, you buy.

Android Billing SDK gets rid of unnecessary system warnings at installation.

We’ll be showing both at Apps World soon in North America, San Francisco from 7th to 8th February, 2013, hope to see you at Stand 10.

Do you see other roadblocks keeping customers from buying? Share with us in the comments section below.

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