The Rise of the Enterprise Apps Store

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on 23 Feb 2012

The rise of the enterprise app store and in general mobile application management are creating opportunities for companies to mobilize their workforce.  Recent reports have indicated that the global mobile apps market is expected to be worth $25billion by 2015, so how are businesses going to capitalise on the mobile revolution?

Enterprise app stores are allowing companies to control employee interactions by managing the apps they install on workplace devices. According to the GigaOM Pro Survey “The Future of Workplaces” 38% of businesses are now using mobile phones, and 43% of businesses plan to better incorporate mobile into their work practises in the future.

This movement towards mobile has obvious gains for employers in terms of reducing overhead costs and streamlining operations - according to an Aberdeen Survey of 240 enterprises mobile apps designed to help employees complete works increase productivity by 45%.

Mobile apps for internal use have already been introduced to the market, like the Box app which allows colleagues to collaborate with others by accessing documents on the go, and exchanging feedback with colleagues by leaving comments. The increasing popularity of enterprise apps is in turn increasing the need for enterprise app stores. These will be app stores that are only accessible by authorised mobile handsets and will allow employers to control what apps are downloaded on to corporate devices.

The stores will host purchased or internally developed apps on the corporate server and will be a secure place where employees can go to download apps without the risk of jeopardising the company’s security. Fujitsu announced its ‘Business Solutions Store’ at the end of 2011 to be mounted on top of the PaaS within Fujitsu Cloud Computing Services. The store is expected to be launched in the first part of this year, and will host third party applications as well as software developed in house. The aim of the store will be to help companies move away from paying traditional software licences to a ‘pay as you use’ model that avoids the costs of operating their own IT environments.

If we are as industry commentators suggest in the midst of a shift from PC to a smart device business culture the security enterprise app stores can potentially offer is going to be key.


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