23 Jun 2015
Four Ingredients for the Perfect Enterprise App

At the end of 2014, the iOS and Android app stores collectively boasted approximately 2.5 billion apps. A staggering amount, but hardly surprising when you consider that nowadays there’s an app for almost every thinkable use. The vast majority of these cater to consumers, however enterprise apps have a sizeable and growing minority presence in these stores. That said, enterprise mobile apps don’t generate a fraction of the usage that their computer counterparts enjoy. But why is this?

Primarily, low usage levels stem from a lack of ...

22 Jun 2015
The benefits of Next Generation Asset Management Software

Read our guest blog by Bulb Things who are sponsoring and exhibiting at Enterprise Apps World this June.

Visit Bulb Things at booth #D36

How does Next Generation Asset Management Software differ from traditional ones and what can they do for you?

Asset management software has been around for a long time. Broadly defined, it refers to any system that monitors and maintains things of value to an entity or group. Non-financial assets fall under two major types of assets in the enterprise:

  • Assets that are used to carry core ...

22 Jun 2015
Adidas: “A state-of-the-art workplace is a key success factor”

Marc van der Heijden senior vice president of global IT at Adidas, discusses the company’s vision for a truly mobile first corporate culture…

Enterprise AppsWorld: Tell us about how Adidas is letting technology influence and evolve its professional culture?

Marc van der Heijden:  It’s a bit of a cliché, but we have, among our senior management team for IT and supply chain, agreed that we go mobile first. We reached that agreement nine months ago. We are now operationalising this approach on various levels and are very serious ...

22 Jun 2015
Interview with DHL, Groupwide Head of Technology Innovation Management

Read our exclusive interview with Zvezdan Schoppmann, Groupwide Head of Technology Innovation Management DHL ahead of his presentation at Enterprise Apps World on Wednesday 24th Jun.

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How has technology fundamentally changed the nature of DHL’s business in recent years?

Technology is changing multiple areas of how we produce and deliver our services, specifically in the area of customer interaction: digital channels such as B2B API links, websites or mobile apps are gaining more and more momentum. Already in 2014 the customer track and ...

22 Jun 2015
Visualizing Mobile Data: Evaluating Tools

The overwhelming range of digital data across all facets of life and device manoeuvres made it obvious to sharpen our visualizing potential. This gigantic volume of data corresponding to different device interfaces and niche uses is constantly making our life easier and simultaneously offering bigger challenge to maintain, reserve and utilize them in a useful way. From data collected on user behaviour through mobile sensors to location data gathered through GPS to fitness data on smartwatch, digital data is multifarious and multifaceted. But obviously, this pull of data got any ...

22 Jun 2015
Looking forward to SAMSUNG code at Enterprise AppsWorld 2015

Samsung is attending Enterprise AppsWorld this month to share some dynamic opportunities for developers using the Android operating system.

According to a 2013 IDC report, Samsung enjoys the lion’s share of the enterprise mobile devices market. It found that 63% of businesses choose Android devices and over half of these (53%) are Samsung. A subsequent IDC forecast predicts that by 2018 Android business users will grow to 73.8%.

Developers at the event will be shown how they can partner with the firm and get the benefit of support ...

10 Jun 2015
Speaker Interview with Simon Tarry, Ticketmaster

Read our exclusive interview with Software Engineering Manager, Simon Tarry from Ticketmaster about his role, key strategies towards software engineering and a preview snapshot to his upcoming presentation at Enterprise Apps World this June.

What does your role involve in Live Nation/Ticketmaster involve and how did you get involved with software engineering?

My current role at Live Nation/Ticketmaster is multi-faceted. I have managed multiple agile teams across various platforms including the International Live Nation websites (e.g., e-commerce platforms such as Ticketmaster’s resale ...

8 Jun 2015
How exactly will the office of 2020 look?

“The future is mobile”. In aggregate terms, how many times do you suppose these words have been repeated in tech blogs, marketing copy and in keynote addresses? Unarguably a tiresome cliché at this point, how the consumer relates to this accelerating “shift to mobile” is the subject of endless speculation, analysis and time.

In the corporate space it’s a little different. True, a good amount has been written, usually incorporating catchy phrases like “Bring Your Own [mobile] Device”, but with very little of it – with the greatest of respect ...

8 Jun 2015
Stay Independent: Hold a Referendum on Your Software

Independence is once again hitting the headlines.

Having had the Scottish Referendum last year, the UK is now looking toward an EU referendum within the next few years, during which the country will have to decide whether to remain part of the trading bloc or opt for what some see as greater independence from Brussels. It promises to be a passionate debate, with no clear consensus about what decision to make likely to emerge.

When it comes to software development, however, maintaining your independence is always a good idea.

In ...

8 Jun 2015
5 Great Must-Have Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones these days have so many apps available that it can be difficult to know where to begin. But while you can find thousands of specialist apps on both Android and iOS, there are a handful of apps that everyone should download as soon as they turn on their new smartphones. Here are five of the best to download today.

1. WhatsApp

Now that everyone is connected to the internet all of the time, more people are choosing to forget about SMS and instead stay in touch using free messenger ...

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