17 Apr 2015
Internet Performance Tips for Delivering Instant Gratification Through Your Mobile App

by Ian Pritchard, German Internet Performance Expert, Dyn

While there are many things in life worth waiting for, online experiences are not part of those things. We expect our mobile apps to deliver instant results in bringing us a taxi or reserving a restaurant table for dinner. We expect video to begin streaming instantly on our phones or tablets. When it comes to mobile apps, instant gratification is no longer a consumer desire. It’s a consumer expectation.

With that in mind, you need to consider how to meet your ...

17 Apr 2015
4 Best Practices for Mobile Video Every Developer Should Know

By Andrew Allison, Head of Supply EMEA, Vungle

Mobile video ad spending will grow faster than any other advertising category in 2014, according to eMarketer. For developers, this is great news. Not only can mobile video be a high-impact monetization strategy and increase revenue, but it also provides a more engaging and contextually relevant experience for users.

Here are the four best practices to help you get started.

1 Use the power of opt-in

Instead of simply integrating video interstitials into a game, developers can choose to create opt-in placements ...

16 Apr 2015
Download the Apps World Germany 2015 Show App Today!

The inagural Apps World Germany show is set to arrive at the CityCube, Berlin next week (April 22-23)!

We’re excited to announce that the show app is now live and ready for you to download, enabling you to plan your schedule and get the most from the show, as well as letting you pre-arrange meetings with key potential contacts through the integrated networking tool Apps World Connect.

As ever the Apps World Germany App gives you the information you need about the event -- such as schedules to plan your ...

16 Apr 2015
6 Kick Awesome Strategies for Your Next Mobile Business App

Businesses’ building mobile applications is thriving with millions of apps in the mobile store, thousands of developers building mobile applications for businesses, and DIY app software popping up… The question isn’t should your organization be building mobile business applications, but how can you ensure your first or next business app is successful.

The answer lies in a solid strategy and flawless execution.  Here are six key ingredients to help get you started.

Solve a problem

Every successful mobile application solves a problem that a great number of your workforce ...

14 Apr 2015
Take your “Mock” Exam and test your mobile race car driving skills at stand 423!

Are you a mobile application developer or software tester? Are you looking to certify your know-how and skills in the area of mobile application development and testing? When you join us at stand # 423 it is all about the apps! We offer you the opportunity to take an iPAD “Mock” Exam with the QuestionMark app to test your mobile apps knowledge before you get your actual certification with iSQI. After you pass the “Mock” Exam, you not only get a Mocktificate, but you can test your race car driving skills ...

14 Apr 2015
5 Essentials That Ensure Your Mobile App Retargeting Campaign Hits the Mark

By Heiko Genzlinger, CEO, Trademob

The time when all apps needed as many users as possible is over. It’s not about hitting as many people as possible anymore, it’s about hitting the right ones: competition is increasing, people are using less apps and the cost of acquiring users is rising – as also Trademob’s latest analysis of CPIs confirmed. So now the hunt is on for quality users. Mobile app retargeting is one way to ensure your arrows find their way to the best (and most profitable) targets ...

13 Apr 2015
Mobile friendly just became more important. Are you prepared?

By Rick Barron, HP

When you are on the Internet from your mobile device, the words “Go to full site” are almost sad enough to make you shed a tear into your extra-foam latte while you sit on the train into work. Those four little words change your user experience with the website you are on. They mean struggling to zoom in to see the information you are looking for and hoping that your fingers hit the correct link.

It shouldn’t be this way. When you search for “flowers ...

13 Apr 2015
North Technologies; building a billion dollar company

We recently caught up with Kevin Rose and Marc Hemeon co-founders of North Technologies, in an exclusive interview ahead of their keynote @ Apps World North America.

These VIP heavyweights will be opening the show on the morning of May 12, discussing the launch of North Technologies, creating beautiful user experiences and lessons learnt from their time at Google.

Book your free pass here to attend Apps World North America

North Technologies: “We want to build a billion dollar company”

It is tempting to identify North Technologies co-founders (and Apps World ...

10 Apr 2015
Guest Blog Post: Mobile wearables wearability

Which one has the best wearability?

When you think about mobile wearables wearability, what comes to mind? Is that even a word? I guess most people might think of usability when it comes to how useful a wearable is, but a big part of usefulness comes from if you are going to wear it at all! If your wearable is not comfortable, and unobtrusive, chances are you won’t wear it. In preparing for my talk at the mobile dev and test conference in San Diego on April 15 and ...

9 Apr 2015
The Customer Is Mobile and Only Has 2 Seconds

By José Díaz & Björn Lemke, Díaz & Hilterscheid GmbH

Several years ago, the sale of UMTS licenses brought in millions of euros for the German federal government. The telecommunication companies spent a lot of money obtaining these licenses. Some of them, for example Mannesmann Telekom, had run up such high debts that they did not survive the first phase of the mobile future. They were simply bought up by the major players.

In economic terms, the early days of UMTS were extremely painful for the telcos and of ...

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