13 May 2015
Guest Blog from Crowdplat

Crowdplat drives IT project costs down and improves quality of delivery to build custom apps and execute technology projects by connecting customers with qualified freelance teams. The company has been in business for more than a year and has produced several success stories for enterprise and startups.

Unlike TopCoder which runs a competition among developers or Elance which merely provides freelancer experts, CrowdPlat connects customers to freelance teams by enabling qualified freelancer project managers to compete with each other for technology projects and providing the winning project manager with other ...

8 May 2015
Guest Blog from Supersonic: Top trends and strategies for mobile monetization @ Apps World NA

Television owns nearly half of the total ad spend pie today. But that’s quickly becoming irrelevant.

Brands and marketers are shifting focus. They crave for higher user engagement. They dream of better targeting. Most importantly, they want further reach. This is made evident as mobile ad spend expects to top $100 billion in 2016, according to eMarketer. The mobile channel is booming, fast becoming the preferred vehicle for delivering engaging ad content globally by the of largest brands.

As a result, competition is stifling. For developers vying against one ...

8 May 2015
Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Drivers

When it comes to technology, there’s not much our smartphones can’t do - and these days, there’s an app for just about everything. Whether you’re the sort of person who spends hours trying to remember where you parked the car or you like to keep tabs on how much petrol you’re using, there’s an app out there for you. We’ve put together a handy list of our favourite driving apps to guarantee you get the most of your driving experience and help you stay ...

8 May 2015
Building Your Dream App: Build it For Scale

According to adapated.com, the average iOS developer has five apps on iTunes, approximately 40,000 downloads per app. Android developers also average five apps, with approximately 60,000 downloads a piece.  It is vital to build an app with these figures in mind, and remember that if your app is more successful and goes viral, you could suddenly have hundreds of thousands of users hitting it simultaneously. For example, Telegram, a free and secure messaging app, added close to 5 million people to its service one day after WhatsApp ...

8 May 2015
Three Reasons Why Focusing Too Much on Acquisition is a Mistake

User acquisition tricks are all the rage these days. Sure, everyone needs to grow their user base, and the stakes are high as costs steadily rise. The opportunity to capitalize on the mobile audience is huge:

Growing a ...

8 May 2015
Choosing MBaaS for your enterprise app

In the age of cloud computing, I always had a feeling that potential of cloud computing has been underutilized by the IT industry. If I look back few years, in the beginning there were talks about what cloud had to offer.

We all talked about different deployment models [Private, Public, Hybrid, Community, etc.] offered by cloud and service models like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Later, as the industry started to adopt cloud computing, focus shifted onto Software-as-a-Service model more than other service models offered in the IT Industry. But over ...

5 May 2015
App Marketing: The Importance of Measuring Beyond the Click

Guest post by Kathy Pattison, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Fiksu

While every marketer faces unique challenges when running mobile campaigns, some obstacles arise so often they deserve special consideration. One of these common mistakes is the assumption that the channels that generate the greatest number or downloads or impressions at the lowest cost are the best performers, and should be the primary focus of campaign spend.

It’s any easy trap to fall into. For app-focused campaigns, for example, CPI buying is generally seen as more secure, as the advertiser ...

1 May 2015
Speaker Interview: Senior Researcher in the Stanford Mobile Innovation Group - Tim Jaconette

What do you do?

I am a Senior Researcher in the Stanford Mobile Innovation Group and a professional researcher in the Stanford Department of Economics. I research the monetization, commercialization and platform competition of mobile app, iOS and Android. 

What do you find most rewarding about your role? Most challenging?

I enjoy having the opportunity to share high level insights about the future of smartphones and mobile apps with the world. I find that acquiring quality data about current monetization and app success is the most difficult part of my ...

1 May 2015
Guest blog: App Store Optimization 2015 – Mobile Marketing Has Evolved

In the early days of the App Stores mobile marketing had a relatively simple formula, which consisted mostly of buying installs to get visibility in one of the major charts in Apple’s App Store or Google Play.  An entire industry of first generation analytics tools emerged to help developers understand how many downloads it would take (and how much one would have to spend) to win coveted chart position.  As happens with all industries, the world of “apps” has grown up and is now a much more mature market ...

1 May 2015
Interview with Lew Philip, CEO of XBOSoft

What does your company do?

XBOSoft offers software testing and quality assurance across multiple platforms including Mobile with specialized expertise in Usability and UX testing and consultation. We offer software testing migration assistance from Waterfall to Agile processes and integrate our teams with yours to ensure full transparency and high accuracy. As a company solely dedicated to software quality, XBOSoft provides companies with software quality and testing services for those who are constantly under pressure to shorten release cycles while increasing quality. XBOSoft’s view is that defects can be ...

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