Apps World



DAY ONE - February 7


Chair's welcome & opening remarks

David Krebs, Vice President, Mobile & Wireless Practice, VDC Research


SESSION ONE: Apps & the Enterprise

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Keynote Panel: Examining the impact of mobilisation and app usage within the enterprise


  • How is increased mobilisation changing the enterprise environment? What benefits and challenges does this present?
  • How can apps fit into this new environment?  Examples of apps use for the enterprise.
  • How do you make the right application choices for your business?  BYOD vs. corporate devices.  In-house apps vs. purchased apps.
  • Challenges in introducing apps for the enterprise
  • As an IT director how to do resource app development?  Motivating the existing workforce and recruiting specialist.

Phil Lenton, CEO, Compsoft Plc
Neil Goodrich
, Director of IT, Holly Hunt
Kevin Neville
, Director of Technology and Enterprise Architect - Field Operations and Routing & Logistics, United Rentals Inc
Alex Bakman
, Founder, President and Owner at Snappii
Dr. Brian Laughlin
, Technical Fellow - IT Architect, Mobile Devices, CAS/GS&S, Engineering Operations and Technology, The Boeing Co.


Usability & design – Creating enterprise apps that employees want to use


  • How does the design process differ for enterprise vs. consumer apps
  • What rules of the road should you follow when designing enterprise apps
  • Communicating with and understanding your users
  • What makes an enterprise app engaging and why is that important?
  • Examples of apps developed

Paul Lanzi, Senior Manager: Mobile, Web and Portal, Gilead Sciences



Enterprise apps stores – an introduction


  • Why is there a need for enterprise app stores?
  • What form are enterprise app stores taking?
  • What are the major challenges, benefits and opportunities presented by the emergence and growth of enterprise app stores

 Ty Amell, CEO and co-founder, StackMob



How Does My Enterprise API Platform Differ From Facebook, Twitter and Netflix?


  • A brief history of the API
  • How to use APIs to make money, save money, build brand
  • "Appification" and the innovation model of the open API
  • API management nuts and bolts, and best practices
  • Why Community is so important
  • Some great examples of companies doing it right

 Alistair Farquharson, Chief Technology Officer, SOA Software



Monetize your enterprise apps

  • Take advantage of the $7.7B market opportunity and reach over 200,000 existing SAP customers
  • Benefit from true end-to-end support for development of packaged mobile apps with the Mobile Apps Partner Program
  • Certify your app and market your solutions on our enterprise ready app store
  • Access the expertise of your peers in our collaborative mobile developer community

Thorsten Leiduck, VP Platform Ecosystem & eChannels, SAP


SESSION TWO: Consumerization & device management

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Case study: Exploring the use of 'consumer' devices for enterprise purposes


  • How can enterprises keep pace with consumer device innovations?
  • How suitable are 'consumer' devices for an enterprise environment?
  • Different platforms and suitability for enterprise apps
  • Device management platforms
  • Challenges of maintaining security and providing support over a wide range of devices

Fred Schults, Chief Architect for Gas at Pacific Gas and Electric Company



Panel: Examining tools in enterprise app development and deployment – MEAPs (Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms) & MDMs (Mobile Device Management) working for your business


  • What are the key challenges in developing and deploying mobile apps?
  • What are the viable user strategies for developing mobile apps?
  • When can a MEAP be useful for your business
  • How do MEAPs and MDMs intersect?
  • What trends will drive the evolution of MEAP / MDM requirements?

Moderator: Maribel Lopez, Principal Analyst, Lopez Research LLC
Alex Bakman
, Founder, President and Owner, Snappii 
Don King, Infrastructure Solutions Engineer, Kimberly-Clark
Richard Mendis, CMO and Co-Founder, AnyPresence
Raj Koneru
, CEO, Kony
Jim Szafranski
, Senior Vice President, Customer Platform Services – MaaS360 by Fiberlink

SESSION THREE: Apps, The Cloud & Security

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Enterprise Cloud: Five Dirty Little Secrets

  • NikiaCostaRackspace
  • Understand how legacy enterprise software and hardware vendors are defending their defending shrinking market share
  • Learn what most won't tell you about cloud
  • How you should think about building enterprise applications for cloud
  • Embracing the shift away from legacy IT
  • Learn how building real cloud apps breaks the frustrating and slow legacy enterprise buying cycle

Niki Acosta, Cloud Evangelista, Rackspace


Panel: Mobile app security: myths, risks and recommendations


  • Debunking mobile security myths
  • How secure are mobile apps vs desktop apps? And how does device security complement app security?
  • What are the different mobile security layers that make up a comprehensive defense against varied mobile attacks?
  • How not to alienate users with security
  • Case studies: getting it right and wrong

Anthony Bettini, CEO Appthority
Kevin Morgan
, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering, Arxan Technologies
John Fellows, CTO, Kaazing

DAY TWO - February 8

SESSION FOUR: Developing for the Enterprise Market

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Avoiding failure in developing enterprise apps

  • Why do many enterprise apps fail?
  • Managing the process from conception to delivery
  • The importance of involving the user and understanding their requirements

Dr. Brian Laughlin, Technical Fellow - IT Architect, Mobile Devices, CAS/GS&S, Engineering Operations and Technology, The Boeing Co.



Development Panel: Developing for the enterprise app market


  • Why should developers look at the enterprise market? How large is the potential market?
  • What are enterprise customers looking for?
  • Exploring the ways in which design process differ for enterprise vs. consumer apps
  • How do ‘consumer’ devices transfer to the enterprise market
  • What makes an enterprise app engaging and why is that important?
  • Opportunities for developers entering into the market and monetisation models available

Moderator: Michael Singer, Business Editor, TabTimes
Phil Lenton, CEO, Compsoft
Colin Eberhardt
, CTO, ShinobiControls
Blake Dournaee
, Product Manager, Intel
Scott Sanchez
, Director of Strategy, Rackspace Private Cloud
Michael Smith, Product Manager - Mobile, Box Communities


Case-study: Apps & mobility at Los Angeles World Airports


  • The transformation to embrace mobile
  • Overcoming challenges – from infrastructure to stakeholder buy-in
  • Examples of where mobile and apps have solved business problems and created a more connected enterprise
  • Is it all worth it? Examining return on investment

Dominic Nessi, Deputy Executive Director/Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports



Turn your tablet into a corporate content workhorse


  • Challenges of a secure, reliable and flexible solution for working with corporate content in landscape of BYOD and consumer file sharing services.
  • How do we share corporate content with our mobile workforce in a secure, scalable way?
  • How do we make sure that critical content, like contracts, sales collateral, and repair instructions get in the right hands at the right time?
  • How do we ensure that users of mobile devices aren’t just consumers of content, but productive participants in our business processes?

This talks answers these questions. You’ll learn how Alfresco turns your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a corporate content workhorse with Alfresco’s native apps. You’ll also learn how to get started building your own custom apps based on the Alfresco Mobile open source codebase and the Alfresco iOS and Android SDKs.

Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer, Alfresco



The price of cloud applications


  • Cloud applications cost different than legacy applications
  • There is a lot of different factors to take into consideration when forecasting cost - It's not all about price
  • Return on Agility is a factor that is largely not calculated or ignored
  • Cloudonomics review
  • Workload categorization

Wayne Walls, Developer Advocate, Rackspace


Building blocks to enable mobile ready backends and APIs

This talk will focus on some of the trends and architectural changes in the Enterprise that give rise to a new set of building blocks for the enterprise to consider as they scale out with their mobile app strategy.  We will discuss the unique challenges enterprises have when deploying apps and how to overcome them with new architectural decisions.

Blake Dournaee, Product Manager, Intel



Panel: Is mBaaS Ready for Prime time? What real value does mBaaS (Mobile Back-End-as-a-Service) provide to app developers?


  • Navigating the MBaaS ecosystem
  • Development approaches – native, HTML5, hybrid, mobile SDK tools
  • MBaaS to ease integration with data and resources available
  • Recognising and managing complexity of integrating backend while delivering a positive user experience
  • Assessing mBaaS business models from the developer point of view

Ilya Sukhar, CEO and Co-Founder, Parse
Morgan Bickle, CTO and co-founder, Kinvey
Ty Amell
, CEO and co-founder, StackMob
Kevin Nickels
, President, FatFractal
Richard Mendis,
CMO and Co-Founder, AnyPresence


Responsive Design using Twitter Bootstrap: A Case Study presented by CDW and INTERSOG


  • Identifying the best project
  • Field Sales app with mobile access
  • Device Detection strategy
  • Responsive Design solution
  • Why Twitter Bootstrap
  • Lessons Learned

Margaret Dickman, Director of Sales, INTERSOG
Krams Ramasubramanian, Manager, E-Commerce Application Development, CDW



Mobilize your SharePoint


  • Learn about strategies to mobilize your SharePoint Portal and all its content through personalized, platform independent and feature rich mobile apps.
  • WinWire’s SPConnector is a plug-and-play module that allows you to quickly integrate mobile apps with enterprise data in a secure manner.
  • You will learn how to design and build rich UI for your enterprise mobile application concentrating on the core functionalities without worrying about details of connecting and fetching data from the SharePoint Server.

    Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire Technologies Inc.