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DAY ONE - February 7


Chair's welcome & opening remarks

Carlo Longino, Director of Developer Marketing Services, Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)


SESSION ONE: Android Fundamentals

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Industry insight and overview


  • What kinds of consumers are drawn to the Android platform? How do the demographics of Android owners compare to those of other smartphone platforms?
  • How do they actually use their Android phones? How much time do they spend engaging with content? Do they prefer the mobile web or mobile apps?
  • How receptive are Android users to mobile advertising?
  • Are they willing to pay for mobile content? Does this vary by content category?
  • How do they find/discover new apps? How satisfied are they with their app store experience?
  • How do Android users feel about sharing location-based data? Privacy? Does this vary by demographic?
  • What is the relative importance of ratings, rankings, reviews, and word-of-mouth? 
  • What are some of the most popular apps and mobile web sites? How does usage vary by time of day?

 Don Kellogg, Director of Integrated Telecom Solutions, The Nielsen Company



Panel: The challenges and solutions of building android apps debated


  • Understanding the issues of android platform & ecosystem, and those currently working on building android apps
  • Developers talk to developers on the technical challenges, tricks and pitfalls of building android apps
  • Key advice on how a brand or developer should approach its android product strategy, and build a rich user experience

    Steve Weiss, Senior Android Mobile Applications Developer, Tribune Media Group
    Eric Schrag
    , Senior Android Developer, Comcast
    Dave Rauchwerk
    , Android Lead
    Matt McLemore
    , Senior User Experience Designer, CBS Interactive


Keynote - Making money with Android


2013 is the break-out year for Android.  The number of Android devices will reach nearly 1 billion, hitting that milestone in about 5 years since the commercial availability of the first phone.  This growth is truly remarkable as it's unmatched by any technology ever created. For developers, this means that Android will have a much bigger audience than iOS.  But how do you make money? Chris will review the strategies of several developers that have cracked the code for making money on Android.

Chris Dury, CEO, GetJar



Android - Building more with less


Donn Felker, Author, Android Tablet Application Development for Dummies



Optimize your Android Development Experience

  • Android SDK extensions
  • Android projects across a team: Eclipse vs. Ant, re-using library projects, source control
  • Using the Android NDK and other advanced coding techniques
  • Leveraging background services, threads and notifications

Jim Steele, Author of Android Developers Cook Book


SESSION TWO: Android App development

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


NOOK Developer Workshop


Join NOOK Developer for a session on NOOK Apps. We will deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on NOOK devices and cover the entire development process - from app creation to app submission.  Learn how to quickly monetize your business in a storefront where, in the US, top-selling apps gross more than $100,000 in the first 30 days of sale.

Tom Chavez, NOOK Developer Evangelist, Barnes & Noble


Panel-Getting entrepreneurial - Challenges of being a freelance developer and raising investment


  • Bootstrapping and best practices for small developer operations
  • How to manage small team dynamics
  • Fine tuning processes and planning for developers – eg. how much should you budget for developing your app, marketing it, monetizing it etc.?
  • How mobile developers and companies can approach gaining VC investment
  • What can a business mentor do for you?

Moderator: Raj Singh, Founder and CEO, Tempo Al
Mike Prince,
CEO and Founder, Yum-Yum Labs
Arte Merritt,
Senior Director Mobile Strategy, Turner Broadcasting - Emerging Technologies
Ankit Agarwal, CEO, Micello, Inc.
Robleh Jama, Founder and President, Tiny Hearts 

SESSION THREE: Startup Village - Part One

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


AppVillage : Make your app idea a reality


  • Explore the 5 key components to app success
  • Details on a new app incubation model : product first, business second
  • Designers and developers : learn more about the AppVillage community and the opportunity to earn ongoing royalties
  • Investors : find out more about a new model for investment in apps

Steve Fanale, CEO, AppVillage



Developing and commercializing multiplatform developer utilities
  • the multiplatform world presents unique challenges for an API company, including maintaining polyglot support and architecting the backend infrastructure to support a variety of call types
  • idiosyncrasies of the different platforms, and tailoring SDKs to match common paradigms
  • differences in selling, pricing, and distribution techniques between web and mobile sdks
  • How to "cross-sell", getting developers that are using you for their web app to use your product on mobile and visa-versa

Liyan Chang, Founder and CTO,



Putting your money where your app is: Best practices for start to mainstream app building


Bootstrapping your app is the way to go in today's market.  Folks are building the worlds most popular apps with little to nothing vested.  How to handle queing.  To Multi-Node or Not to Multi-Node, that will be a question.  Now that I'm popular, how do I scale?  What's all this talk about open versus closed?   We'll cover this and more in this informative best practices for startups using the cloud to build their apps.

Adam Hansen, SMB Advocate and Startup Liaison, Rackspace Startup Program


DAY TWO - February 8


Chair's welcome & opening remarks

  Robert Green, Co-author Beginning Android Games 2nd Ed


How to build clean android apps using RoboGuice 2


You can achieve a lot with the standard Android SDK, but why stop there? You've heard of the RoboGuice 2 framework and how Google, Facebook and others use it in their apps. We'll show you how to bring the full power of dependency injection to bear in your own applications using RoboGuice 2. Once you start using DI, you won't want to stop.

This class will show you how to leverage injection to build clean, powerful applications that are easy to develop and test. Using RoboGuice 2, you'll be able to slim down your application code and make it easier to follow, which in turn will result in fewer bugs. No longer will your app code be littered with the mechanics of the Android platform, but now it can focus on the actual logic unique to your application.

This class will serve as an introduction to RoboGuice 2 for Android developers, but we'll set aside some time to cram in some tips and tricks for advanced users.

 Michael Burton, Author of Android Application Development for Dummies


SESSION FOUR: Cross-Platform & Multi-Screen

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Companies of all sizes that 'get' mobile are thriving - how can you tell if your company is one of them? 


Harvesting the experience and results of over 220,000 mobile developers building corporate and consumer apps, Nat will cover:

  • Mobile's unique potential to transform customer relationships and business processes
  • The 5 key traits inherent in mobile success stories
  • App examples to drive home what you must do to accelerate the success of your mobile projects

Nat Friedman, CEO and Co-founder, Xamarin



Panel: Exploring cross platform development tools


  • Cross-platform tools (CPTs) that challenge the Apple/Google duopoly
  • Democratisation of software development – breaking down barriers across languages and backgrounds
  • How CPT take HTML further than web browsers can; allowing web developers to create native smartphone apps
  • Multi-screen - the next frontier for CPT?

David Rangel
, COO, Corona Labs
Roy Sutton, Open webOS Community Manager, Enyo
Harry Mower, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft
Joe Monastiero
, President, Ludei Inc.
Andreas Constantinou, Managing Director, VisionMobile




The story of SwiftKey: The best selling app in Google Play in 2012

  • Key milestone of how SwiftKey grew from minnow, to the best selling app on Google Play in 2012
  • How to expand an apps reach beyond Google Play and consumer downloads
  • How to engage with potential licensees

Rhodri Thomas, Chief Commercial Officer, SwiftKey



Introduction to the Facebook Platform


The Facebook Platform will help you grow your app. Facebook Open Graph lets you publish stories to a user's Timeline and get better distribution of your app. After a user signs up to your app, you can, with their permission, use the Facebook Graph API to understand their relevant likes and provide them with a better experience. Finally, you can use Facebook Mobile Install Ads and Sponsored Stories to find even more people to use your app and increase the effectiveness of your viral loop. In this session, you'll learn how to use each of these three features to accelerate the growth of your app.

Prashant Sridharan, Developer Advocate at Facebook


SESSION FIVE: Business Essentials

SESSION ONE: Connected TV apps – A marketplace overview


Users, monetization and engagement: A full circle look at android app development


  • Acquiring users for your app
  • Monetizing your app successfully
  • Engaging users without losing them

Giancarlo Maniaci, CEO & Co-Founder, Tapit



Android for game developers


  • What games are made of
  • Android from a game developer's perspective
  • Technical challenges
  • Available frameworks and Engines

Robert Green, Co-author Beginning Android Games 2nd Ed



Developer Economics 2013 and what it means for Android


  • Relative MindShare of top mobile platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone etc
  • Top platforms adopted and top platforms abandoned by developers
  • Revenues and revenue models in the new app economy
  • Regionality and the importance of localised content

    Andreas Constantinou, Managing Director, VisionMobile