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With a FREE exhibition pass you will have access to the Developer World, Droid World, Enterprise World, Cloud World, Gaming World and Tech World workshops and the exhibition with over 350 exhibitors.

Apps World 2014 is adopting a workshop style education format with the aim to address the entire app ecosystem, and the challenge of delivery, development and design of apps across multiple platforms.

Developer World

The Developer World at Apps World is where developers come to discuss and learn about fundamental aspects of their business; how to make apps that work, apps that are successful, downloaded, used and reach their goals. The life of an app developer isn’t quite as cool and glamorous as success stories like Instagram, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope make it out to be, and working out what separates the fortuned from the failed is an ongoing process.

Each year, Developer World attendees hear from leading developers, platform providers and developer community evangelists from some of the principal industry brands, all keen to share their expertise and connect with talented up and coming developer professionals. These sessions aim not only to equip you with the technical skills you need to be successful, but also cover some of the business and strategic issues developers need to be able to negotiate the highly competitive industry.

Droid World

As every Android developer knows, one of the biggest challenges is device fragmentation.  There are hundreds of different Android devices out there, with more being added at breakneck pace worldwide.  Working globally, you face a hybrid of different devices and Android versions.  Statistics from Google in 2013, show approx. 40% of active devices operating on Gingerbread, 30% on Ice Cream Sandwich and 25% on Jelly Bean (with just 2% of that being the latest 4.2.x edition). 

With this landscape how do you stay ahead of the curve? Keep up-to-date with latest Android versions, associated tools and also make the development choices that will best serve your audience whilst keeping an eye on the bottom line. 

Droid World is the place to explore new features of the Android platform, how they will help your app development and work with the tools you are already using.  Sessions will also examine business strategic issues for Android developers such as project management, securing investment, testing and app monetisation.

Enterprise World

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in an enterprise environment has provided acceleration towards apps and cloud based solutions, by the key drivers of reduced CAPEX, greater flexibility and the desire to integrate new devices with the cloud to enhance the mobility of the enterprise.

While the enterprise application market is at an early stage, there is a clear understanding that mobile is critical for both employees and consumers.  Mobile is often ranked at the top, or close to the top, of the priority list for enterprises, yet what may be less clear is the best app development path.

Enterprise World will consider both business strategic and practical app development considerations, examining why and how enterprises can become more mobile, the significant role that apps and the cloud play in this transformation and the opportunities this presents for developers, both within and outside of the organisation.

Cloud World *NEW FOR 2014*

These workshops will map the cloud landscape and assess the different tools and options available to both develop and distribute apps, and manage the associated data via the cloud.

Cloud platforms are highly fertile ecosystems for creating, distributing and selling functionality and with the industry constantly growing and innovating how do you decide what the best approach is for you, your company and customers? At Cloud Apps World you can take stock of the emerging landscape of server-driven computing, which is transcending and sublimating the Web. Gain an understanding of the new opportunities and responsibilities the cloud brings for both CIO and developers.

Day one will focus on evaluating the mobile trends that are accelerating the growth of cloud services and the business advantages of using these services, whilst providing examples of different use cases. We also address the key issues of security and data management – getting the right infrastructure in place and how the cloud can help you unlock the business value of data. Day two looks at the cloud for app development. We examine how apps developed using cloud development tools stand up to natively developed apps. As well as assessing the benefits cloud services can provide in terms of streamlining the development process, integrating data and creating a positive user experience.

Gaming World

Mobile gaming is said to be the single most important activity on mobile devices. Gaming World at Apps World will be looking at how mobile and gaming together are disrupting the digital entertainment industry, and what this means for developers, gaming houses, console and device manufacturers, digital marketers, publishers and broadcasters.

Tech World

Tech World is a closed learning space where developers can meet with technical experts and platform evangelists.  Speakers in this classroom environment show live-coding, give technical demonstrations, and engage with the developer audience.  This workshop is also a great place for in-depth demos of APIs and SDKs.

Following on from their success in 2013, we will also be running Apps World Learning Labs, bringing developers together for group work around specific developer issues and pain points.  And for even more in-depth developer content, don't miss this year's hackathons live on the exhibiiton floor!